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Holy Ghost laughter real or fake?

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So last night I went to my first ever Rodney Howard Browne meeting. I am not one to go to a lot of ‘church meetings’ but Saturday I felt to go, my husband was already adamant he would go too. The church meeting was Sunday and it was the very same church we had met in exactly 2 years ago, Kensington Temple in London. I knew that God would do something great this day. We went with great expectancy that God would do something significant in our lives. I have seen Rodney’s videos before and I admire them along with Kenneth Hagin’s Holy Ghost meetings.

Ever since our visit to Poland in March earlier this year I’ve seen a lot more manifestations of the spirit in laughter within our meetings. I’ve not, not believed in it, I just haven’t experienced it for myself. Don’t get me wrong I speak in tongues, I believe in the power and miracles of Jesus. I guess I am more observant as I’ve grown up with seeing people who ‘fake’ the falling in the Spirit, as we say “slain in the spirit”. However, lately I’ve been more open to the Holy Spirit saying that Lord if I do go down or anything I want it to be so genuine that not even a man needs to touch me. So what happened? God did just that!

During the meeting last night Rodney spoke of countless meetings in which the joy of the Lord broke out. My husband sitting next to me instantly was sensitive to the spirit and started saying he could feel the Holy Spirit tangibly. A woman starts hysterically laughing on our aisle and Rodney calls her forth and that’s it bang, she’s slain on the floor. Another woman laughs, gets called forth bang! Before you knew it Rodney calls my husband forth asks him what he does and bang! He’s on the floor like an electrocuted fish!! This gave me goosebumps and tingly feet.  My heart was racing and I’m there saying “Ok God, do what you want with me”. Rodney pulls a few people forth most our friends and they all slump to floor like a sack of potatoes, my heart rejoices as I know God is doing something amazing in them.
Then Rodney comes to the guy in front of me (picture attached) and I start laughing. Then I start laughing, like hysterically!! What happened next was the beginning of my first ever real experience with the Holy Spirit, it was laughter in the Spirit. It was something I’ve seen in a Kenneth Hagin video but had never experienced for myself. I’m laughing, then I’m jumping in my seat, it feels like metres high at a time. In that moment your mind doesn’t have time to think, comprehend or care! This is a spiritual matter. I start jumping in my seat and before I know it I’m up and dancing like a crazy woman in my aisle! All dignity out the window and the Holy Spirit is just all over me and I’m dancing at like 60mph on the spot. I am filled with a supernatural joy that is indescribable and I just can’t stop laughing. It’s so true you can’t ever say! I think I’ve had an encounter with the Holy Spirit”, you just know!
I certainly know that I got touched last night and something happened in the spirit realm that I know will have a ripple effect for the rest of my life and for our ministry. A pinnacle one in fact!

We are ministering in Wolverhampton this weekend, which I know will be a very powerful meeting and I am certainly expectant of the Holy Spirit to break out in a greater way. If you want to be there register here
This is just the beginning and I know something significant has taken place. The UK will not remain the same and revival is going to break out through US, the body of Christ. Hallelujah!

Conclusion: Manifestations of the Holy Spirit? Absolutely real!!